Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard, Rotary Club of York PA, Virtual Meeting, 06/24/2020, Noon
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Today’s program is the annual “Changing of the Guard” and we take a look back at the activities, programs and projects for the 2019-2020 year under the leadership of President Josh George.
While the year wasn’t quite as expected, the challenges were met with flexibility and cooperation.   Enjoy a “Year in Review” as we look back at the projects, programs and changes the club went through this year.  Please join us as we thank President Josh for his leadership and induct Anne Druck as President for the 2020-2021 Rotary year.  
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One York

One York: a peaceful and thriving community, Rotary Club of York PA, Virtual Meeting, 06/17/2020, Noon
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Our virtual speakers are The Reverend Aaron Anderson, CEO and Head of Logos Academy, Chief Tim Damon, President of our County Chiefs of Police Association and Chief of York Area Regional Police, as well as Pastor Bill Kerney, President of the Black Ministers Association.  Aaron, who spearheaded the process since 2016 along with fellow police chief and clergy, has worked on a vision that York develop a reputation as One York: a peaceful and thriving community based on:
o    Mutual respect, trust, transparency, and cooperation exist between law enforcement and community
o    Our community is policed with fairness and justice resulting in safety and peace
Collectively they highlight the relationships that have been built, the lessons learned, and the progress we hope to accomplish.  Please don't miss this most important presentation.
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O.N.E. Hospitality

O.N.E. Hospitality Group, Rotary Club of York PA, Virtual Meeting, 06/03/2020, Noon
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A true chameleon, Toni Calderone, CEO of O.N.E. Hospitality Group which is the umbrella company of concepts Tutoni’s, The Cantina, Aviano’s Corner Trattoria, Presto Pastaria, Tutoni’s Flour Shop fresh pasta line, The Rig.a.Toni food truck,, Taste Test and more speaks on how she led her team through a complete strategic pivot of the company during this pandemic.

With new growth on the horizon, O.N.E. is carefully planning and preparing for a new way of executing the dining experience in a compliant environment. As things change from day to day, one thing that remains is the hospitality that runs deep in her blood and an undying love for her community.
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Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA, Rotary Club of York PA, Virtual Meeting, 05/27/2020, Noon
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Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania: Today and Tomorrow in York County
With a laser focus on giving girls the tools they need to be tomorrow’s civic leaders, STEAM professionals, entrepreneurs and whatever they can dream, Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania (GSHPA) is poised to deliver life-changing opportunities to over 13,500 girls across 30 counties in Pennsylvania.

Join GSHPA’s virtual presentation from President and CEO, Janet Donovan, to learn how GSHPA is leveraging innovation and community commitment to impact York County – today through Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award Projects and tomorrow by exposing Girl Scouts to local innovation to fill the STEM pipeline in South Central PA.

More than cookies, camps, and crafts, the robust program model allows a Girl Scout to explore her interest and make an impact – much like Rotary International’s motto of service above self.

Leave this presentation with an up to date understanding of Girl Scouting today and tomorrow in York County, and why it’s important for Rotarians and the community to continue to invest in Girl Scouts’ learning, discovery and success.
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York Revolution 2020

York Revolution 2020, Rotary Club of York PA, Virtual Meeting, 05/20/2020, Noon

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This week, we were to be traveling to PeoplesBank Park to hear about the Rev's 2020 season.  Instead our virtual program features York Revolution President Eric Menzer and Atlantic League President Rick White with a version of our annual program.  Rick talks about the challenges facing the Atlantic League and all sports organizations from the coronavirus pandemic. He also updates us on the efforts to change the alignment of minor league baseball as a whole, and what opportunities and challenges that might present for the Atlantic League. Eric gives us an update on the Rev’s response to COVID-19 here in York, and the outlook for this summer.  BYOD (bring your own (hot)dog to your computer) with mustard!
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York County Courts

York County Courts and COVID-19, Rotary Club of York PA, Virtual Meeting, 05/13/2020, Noon
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COVID-19 has presented all segments of our society with challenges.  Our virtual program today features York County Court of Common Pleas President Judge Joseph C. Adams, Supervising Criminal Court Judge Maria Musti Cook (fellow club Rotarian) and Supervising Family Court Judge Andrea Marceca Strong (Uptown Rotarian), who will provide insight into the challenges that the York County Courts have faced while operating in a pandemic.  The judges address how remote technology and social distancing have been implemented, other measures taken to keep the courts operating for the citizens of York County, and ask you to ponder the question – how does the court conduct a jury trial under social distancing rules?
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Youth Exchange Students

Youth Exchange Students, Rotary Club of York PA, Virtual Meeting, 05/6/2020, Noon

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The Rotary Club of York has hosted three Youth Exchange students this year, and what an eventful year it has turned out to be!  But how does this year look to a student from another country?  You will  hear the perspective from Ella Peterson from Denmark, Santiago Mireles from Mexico, and in a first ever presentation of its kind, from Ines Benmechri who speaks to us live from Belgium, where she has already returned due to the pandemic.  Watch the most unusual Youth Exchange program we have ever presented.
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York County Commissioner

York County - How are we doing?, Rotary Club of York PA, Virtual Meeting, 04/29/2020, Noon

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York County’s President Commissioner Julie Wheeler offers a State of York County amidst the COVID-19 crisis. This includes an update on the current crisis mitigation efforts, the County’s collaborative oversight of the Incident Command Center, and where we go from here.   Silas Chamberlin and Kevin Schreiber of the York County Economic Alliance offer an overview of all of the efforts done to date to assist those economically impacted, as well as provide a brief look at the economic impact and restart modeling related to the COVID crisis.
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Jim McClure History

History and Adversity, Jim McClure, Rotary Club of York PA, Meeting, 04/22/2020
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Jim McClure, retired editor of the York Daily Record/York Sunday News, will talk on other significant times of worry endured by York Countians through history and how York County has shown resilience in adversity.  We are in unparalleled times with COVID-19 virus but this is certainly not the first time we have been challenged with adversity of events seemingly outside our control.  In time, COVID-19 will join the significant moments from our past that challenged every man, woman and child in York County. 
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Kiwanis Lake Project

Kiwanis Lake Project,Aaron Jacobs,Rotary Club of York PA,Meeting,04/15/2020

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York City’s Kiwanis Lake is one of the most prominent water features in our community and the Rotary Club of York has identified this landmark community legacy to be its focus project for Give Local York on May 1 to concentrate on repairing and restoring the lake as well as adding new ‘Smart Lake Technology’. This program outlines PPE’s 5 step plan to have Kiwanis Lake functioning better than it ever has by 2021 and showing our community the tremendous impact that York Rotary has.

Although this is a man-made body of water, it has become a haven for aquatic life and park visitors year-round. Unfortunately, the lake has suffered in recent decades due to changes in the upstream environment, failing mechanical and maintenance features as well as an imbalance of wildlife, lake nutrients and water quality. 
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Meeting April 8, 2020 York Suburban School

Virtual Meeting #2 York Suburban School District,  Superintendent Tim Williams
The world changed on Friday, March 13, 2020. It marked the strangest day in Rotarian Tim Williams', Superintendent of York Suburban School District, 34-year career in education.
Watch the virtual meeting to find out how York Suburban is dealing with the strangest Friday the 13th ever and its aftermath.
School as we knew it does not exist, at least for the short term. Some districts are struggling to figure out a way to move forward; others are using this as an opportunity to reinvent themselves.
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Virtual Meeting

The Rotary Club of York had its VERY FIRST virtual meeting on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.
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A webinar organized and presented by Rotarian Courtney Bailey was shown at Noon, the time of our regular meeting. 
Following the meeting, the presentation was posted on You Tube for those of you who missed it.
Additional webinars (virtual meetings) are planned for the next few weeks.  Stay Tuned.  Members will get notifications and instructions in our normal weekly reminders.
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Totes of Hope

The Rotary Club of York sponsored the summer Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program at York High. The students in the program did weekly community service projects for various non-profit organizations.  One of the projects was to make blankets and assemble care bags for the American Red Cross “Totes of Hope” Program.  The “Totes of Hope” are given to homeless veterans and veterans in VA hospitals.  The students made 23 blankets that were placed in “Totes of Hope” bags along with toiletries, socks, and a puzzle book. 
On November 21, 2019, the students were awarded the Youth Impact Red Cross Hero Award by the South Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Red Cross for their work with the “Totes of Hope” Program.  The Rotary Club of York donated the funds to purchase the blankets and Rotarians helped and interacted with the students at every blanket making session.
Some of the students in the program have recently been relocated to the mainland of the United States from Puerto Rico after losing their homes to Hurricane Maria.  Providing the blankets to homeless veterans is a project that is very close to their hearts.
Contact Person:
Ashlee Etzweiler
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Trees for Trail 

Dedication Ceremony, Trees for the Trail
Sunday, November 10, 2019
Committee chair Shelly Riedel, Judge Craig Trebilcock, Vice Admiral DeWolf Miller, III and Master of ceremonies Pastor John Dorr salute the flag as the William Penn JROTC color guard posts the colors at the beginning of the ceremony.
An agenda of remarks by Admiral Miller, Judge Trebilcock, Shelly Riedel and Steven Smith provided the attendees with a full appreciation for the work that our military does and the significance of restoring the Road of Remembrance (Susquehanna Trail south of Jacobus to the Maryland line) to its full complement of trees in honor of all who have served our country.
The attendees were treated to an outstanding performance of “I’m proud to be an American” by Alexandria Hynoski and an impressive performance by the William Penn JROTC color guard.
Those participating in the ceremony and those attending expressed compliments and gratitude for the project and the ceremony. Vice Admiral Miller described it as "world-class". Judge Trebilcock stated the ceremony was extremely well done. 
Numbering in the hundreds, the project committee, landowners, sponsors and volunteers who helped plant went way beyond expectations.
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Rotary Club Funds Raised 2018-19

Rotary Club of York, PA raised $66,000 that will be spent to benefit the youth of York City
In 2019, the Fundraising Committee focused its efforts to raise money to support the fit-out of the science labs at the Upper School of the York Academy.  The two main events included the Give Local York Campaign in May and the Love Fore Community Outing in September. 
The Give Local efforts result in ~$20,000 of funds raised through online donations the day of the event.  As a centerpiece, we coordinated three different science experiences with some of the students at the York Academy. 
The Love Fore Community event included golf, tennis, croquet, a dinner and a live auction.  All events had full fields and the resulting moneys raised totaled ~$46,000.  This amount represented the second highest level ever achieved in the 15+ year history of the event. 
Because of the generous efforts of all the event organizers, the RCY members and those that supported the event, we continue to make a tangible and positive impact in our community. 
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Rotary Rave Reviews 2019

ROTARY RAVE REVIEWS was presented at The Belmont Theatre on Wednesday, October 16th.  Students shared their talents with the Rotarians, who were very appreciative of their performances.

It was a joy to see these young people sing, dance and play the piano and violin.
The students loved being there to perform for the York Rotary Club.

They appreciated the opportunity, and the warm reception they received.
What a wonderful day for everyone!
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Restoring Road of Remembrance Veterans Memorial

The restoration of the Road of Remembrance Veterans Memorial was done through the collaboration of the York, Southern York County, and Red Lion Rotary Clubs along with tremendous volunteer participation.  A Facebook page, titled Trees for the Trail, includes the details of the project.  Below are some of the many photographs taken by Ken Cooper and other volunteers.

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Planting Trees in York City



 22 more Trees planted in York City

On Saturday, October 20, 2018, The Rotary Club of York, PA's Preserve Planet Earth Committee, members and families, assisted by cadets from the Bearcat Battalion of York High's JROTC troop removed stumps, rocks, bricks and concrete in existing tree wells to plant 22 trees in downtown York. The 22 trees included a variety of species - Cleveland Pear, Lilac, Hornbeam, and Linden Trees.

Special thinks to Rotarian Brian Mummert of W S Landscape Services who procured the trees, provided the mulch and put in a full day delivering, planting and cleaning up. Also, thanks to J T Hand and the York Water Company for free direct delivery of water for all the trees.

Finally a BOO-RA gung-ho award to Dennis Baughman and John Klinedienst who actually removed a dead tree by hand in order to plant a new live on at the York Academy.

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Trees for the Trail


Trees for the Trail - Renewing the historical world war I remembrance along the southern Susquehanna trail between York, PA and the Maryland line.

The Trees for the Trail committee held the second planting on March 31, 2019.

With the assistance of Springfield Contractors, Shiloh Paving, and the Penn Mar Organization, the Susquehannock High school baseball team, Boy scout troop 50, Loganville 4H, Boy Scout troop 24, York County Prison Honor Guard along with Rotary club members from York, Southern York County and Red Lion-Dallastown among others, planted 76 sycamores and red & white oaks.

Planting permissions will be sought from landowners along the Trail and fund raising will continue for the next planting scheduled for Sunday, October 20, 2019.

Once the trees are all planted, there will be a dedication ceremony on Sunday, November, 10, 2019

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Love Your Community by Loving Fore Community!

Posted by Christopher Topf on Jun 11, 2019
The Love Fore Community event took place on Monday, September 16, 2019 at the Country Club of York.
EVERY MEMBER needs to step up in some way.  Proceeds benefit “Reach Out & Read”, York Academy Regional Charter School STEM labs (equipment), and York City Little League: 
            10:30am           Golf registration, driving range
            11:00am           Lunch
            12:00                Golf shotgun start
1:30pm            Croquet registration
1:45pm            Tennis registration
            2:00pm             Tennis round-robin play
            2:00pm             Croquet play begins
            3:00pm             Social Corn Hole play begins
            5:00pm             Cocktails and Social
            5:45pm             Dinner (Buffet opens)
            6:00pm             Awards & Auction
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