Give Local York, Rotary Club of York, PA, Meeting April 28, 2021, Noon
To view the VIRTUAL meeting on ZOOM, visit:
TIME: "Virtual" Audience on ZOOM 11:30am   Log in and fellowship/networking on zoom
(UNMUTE yourself upon entering)
12:00pm   Virtual Meeting to begin (everyone will be automatically muted).  Program with Q&A until 1pm
By now, most everyone is familiar with Give Local York, the big give day in York County that will return on Friday, May 7. Not everyone knows about the history of this event and how it came to be.
Rotarian Bob Pullo, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Waypoint/York Federal Foundation, talks about the legacy of Bill Wolf, the creation of the York Federal Fellows Program, and York Federal Savings & Loan’s continuing influence of strengthening the nonprofit community.  
Rotarian Dee Baker shares Rotary’s project for Give Local York 2021 and how you can help make history on May 7.  Both Bob and Dee are scheduled to present the program in-person at the CCY.