What happens to my garbage?, Jen Cristofoletti, Rotary Club of York, PA, Meeting March 24, 2021, Noon
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“What happens to my garbage?” is the ‘burning’ question for which everyone wants an answer.  
Jen Cristofoletti, Community Services Outreach Coordinator at the York County Solid Waste Authority,  discusses the role of waste disposal in York County, including the process of Waste-to-Energy and the presence of recycling in the York County waste scene. 
A PowerPoint presentation details the role of the York County Solid Waste Authority, the process of creating electricity from waste and the different methods of recycling that take place at the York County Resource Recovery Center (Yes, that’s the Incinerator…but we like to refer to it as a Waste-to-Energy plant!).  
Listeners leave with a better understanding of how their garbage is managed in an environmentally, responsible way and what they can do to keep York County clean.  Jen is a native of York County and has been with the York County Solid Waste Authority for 20 years.