Michael Muldrow, Police Commissioner York PA, Rotary Club of York, PA, Meeting April 6, 2022, Noon
To view the meeting for 4/6: https://youtu.be/2ivIuccskMM
York City Police Commissioner,  Rotarian Michael Muldrow, presents an overview of his plan for a newly approved, R.E.P.R.O.G.R.A.M. York Initiative, a therapeutic community engagement center for youth and families in the city of York.
As a champion for youth, Commissioner Muldrow shares his vision for this program which is scheduled to open by end of Summer 2022. The youth center will provide a safe environment for students to learn social, coping and developmental skills and to foster growth and assist in tutoring and academic progression. 
LUNCH BUFFET TO INCLUDE:                      
BBQ Chicken, Assorted Salads, Fresh Fruit, Rolls, Beverages and a Choice of Desserts
TIME - In Person at CCY
11:30am  Arrival and fellowship, Lunch BUFFET to open
12:15pm  President Jackie will begin meeting
1:15pm    Meeting adjourned

TIME - "Virtual" Audience on ZOOM:
11:45am  Log in and fellowship/networking on Zoom
12:15pm  Virtual Meeting to begin.  Program with Q&A until 1:15pm.