Diversity Breakfast in Greenville,SC, Jane Dyer,  Rotary Club of York PA, Virtual Meeting, 09/16/2020, Noon
To view this virtual meeting, visit  https://youtu.be/9o51-xP9a9E
A little over a year ago, the Rotary Club of Greenville, SC, tried something different under her leadership as club President. The club intentionally invited members of the community to join them for a Diversity Breakfast to learn more about Rotary.  Jane tells about this event and the results. 
The success of Rotary is inclusion and the Rotary Club of Greenville SC, like many, struggles with reaching out to people who are different than they are. 
As the only female pilot in an Air Force Pilot Training Class in 1981, Jane Dyer learned firsthand what it meant to be  unwelcome and unwanted because she was different. Since then, Jane has made every effort to intentionally be inclusive.