Kiwanis Lake Project,Aaron Jacobs,Rotary Club of York PA,Meeting,04/15/2020

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York City’s Kiwanis Lake is one of the most prominent water features in our community and the Rotary Club of York has identified this landmark community legacy to be its focus project for Give Local York on May 1 to concentrate on repairing and restoring the lake as well as adding new ‘Smart Lake Technology’. This program outlines PPE’s 5 step plan to have Kiwanis Lake functioning better than it ever has by 2021 and showing our community the tremendous impact that York Rotary has.

Although this is a man-made body of water, it has become a haven for aquatic life and park visitors year-round. Unfortunately, the lake has suffered in recent decades due to changes in the upstream environment, failing mechanical and maintenance features as well as an imbalance of wildlife, lake nutrients and water quality.