One York: a peaceful and thriving community, Rotary Club of York PA, Virtual Meeting, 06/17/2020, Noon
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Our virtual speakers are The Reverend Aaron Anderson, CEO and Head of Logos Academy, Chief Tim Damon, President of our County Chiefs of Police Association and Chief of York Area Regional Police, as well as Pastor Bill Kerney, President of the Black Ministers Association.  Aaron, who spearheaded the process since 2016 along with fellow police chief and clergy, has worked on a vision that York develop a reputation as One York: a peaceful and thriving community based on:
o    Mutual respect, trust, transparency, and cooperation exist between law enforcement and community
o    Our community is policed with fairness and justice resulting in safety and peace
Collectively they highlight the relationships that have been built, the lessons learned, and the progress we hope to accomplish.  Please don't miss this most important presentation.