York Literacy Council 46 Years, Bobbie Ann DeLeo, Rotary Club of York, PA, Meeting March 9, 2022, Noon
To view the meeting for 3/9: https://youtu.be/sAK2-TH9m_4

York Literacy Executive Director, Rotarian Bobbi Anne DeLeo, shares the agency's mission, growth, and impact on the York Community, highlighting a number of student success stories and promises a peek at York Literacy's new facility.
Now in its 46th year of service, York County Literacy Council continues the vision of eliminating illiteracy in York County by providing educational programs for adult learners. All education services are provided free and confidentially in a safe environment for functionally illiterate individuals to experience success. 
York Literacy currently offers four programs via a hybrid classroom instruction, one-to-one and small group tutoring and digital learning: Adult Reading with preparation for High School Equivalency Diploma, English as a Second Language, Next Step, and Literacy In the Workplace. Curricula are designed to develop and master literacy skills that enable students to participate productively in the home, workforce, and community to achieve greater economic stability. Those with learning differences, communication issues, or comprehension struggles are accepted and provided the literacy skills and education they need to take positive steps toward self-sufficiency. 
LUNCH BUFFET TO INCLUDE:                      
Beef Stir Fry with Rice and Vegetables, Assorted Salads, Fresh Fruit, Rolls, Beverages and a Choice of Desserts
TIME - In Person at CCY
11:30am  Arrival and fellowship, Lunch BUFFET to open
12:15pm  President Jackie will begin meeting

TIME - "Virtual" Audience on ZOOM:
11:45am  Log in and fellowship/networking on Zoom
12:15pm  Virtual Meeting to begin.  Program with Q&A until 1:15pm.