York City Police, Commissioner Muldrow, Rotary Club of York, PA, Meeting July 7, 2021, Noon
To view the meeting for 7/7 https://youtu.be/UrcYW5CBw6k
Commissioner Muldrow provides an overview of the department, what they're seeing/facing in the community and a summary of the programs and initiatives he's started (during his tenure) to help accomplish these goals, re-brand the department and bridge the gap with the community. 
City of York Police Commissioner Michael Muldrow is a proud advocate for York, a champion for youth, and has been a longstanding presence in the local law enforcement community. Over the course of a decorated 20+ year career, he's had the opportunity to serve in leadership roles (both with the School District Police and now the City PD) for over 12 years. He believes his greatest attributes are and have always been: his ability to relate to people, drive, positive outlook and creative/non-traditional approach to problem solving.
TIME - In Person at CCY
11:15am  Arrival and fellowship
11:30am  Lunch BUFFET to open  
12:00pm  President Anne will begin meeting 

*Please pre-register any "guests" with the office before Tuesday afternoon.  The guest lunch fee is $ 18.00 which will be invoiced to your Rotary account.        
Chef's Choice of Entree with Starch and Seasonal Vegetables, Assorted Salads, Fresh Fruit, Rolls, Beverages and Dessert Buffet. 
PLEASE NOTE: With the return to a luncheon buffet that offers an assortment of menu items and choices, we will no longer be accepting requests for special meals.
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TIME - "Virtual" Audience on ZOOM:
11:30am  Log in and fellowship/networking on zoom
12:00pm  Virtual Meeting to begin, Program with Q&A until 1pm.