Outdoor Country Club, Rotary Club of York PA, Virtual Meeting, 07/15/2020, Noon
to view this presentation, visit   https://youtu.be/COfwEtvvlLk
11:55am - Log in
12 Noon -  Meeting to begin 
12:10pm - Program with Q&A until approximately 1pm
LOCATION: Virtual Online Meeting gotowebinar.com          
PROGRAM:  The Out Door Country Club, a part of the York Community since 1892 was in line to suffer the same fate as many Country Clubs across the country since the 2008 recession. A loss in membership and overwhelming debt had the Club Board of Directors looking for a way to keep the ODCC operating and increase membership. 
Two long time members and board members, Bob Davis and Rotarian Jerry Watson began researching solutions that ultimately culminated in the formation of the Outdoor Equity Group LLC, 60 current members who purchased the real estate and retired the club debt.  Jerry and Bob discuss the process that led to the formation of the OEG and the partnership that will allow the ODCC to move into a successful future.