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Rotary Committees


 America's Promise is a national initiative set up by General Colin and Alma Powell to provide five promises to America’s youth by providing:

  • safe places
  • a healthy start
  • marketable skills
  • caring adults
  • opportunities for children and youth to give back to the community

The Rotary Club of York America’s Promise Committee coordinates volunteers from the club and other interested persons for various programs serving elementary schools in the School District of the City of York with the goal of fulfilling the five promises of the National America’s Promise organization.

The committee has three programs available for volunteers. These include: (1) the Breakfast Club where a volunteer spends thirty minutes for five consecutive weeks with a group of six students reading to each other to help them meet their 100 Book Challenge, (2) Adopt-A-Class where a volunteer adopts an elementary class and makes three to four visits for about forty-five minutes each to mentor students regarding career options and encouraging students to stay in school and (3) The Salvation Army’s Bridge The Gap (Btg) program where volunteers provide support to a Salvation Army staff member supplementing this new Salvation Army initiative.

Click here for more information on the various programs.

Important things to know:


The America's Promise programs are important because they allow Rotarians to be "hands on" in our community and make a difference with our youth. With the many cut backs in the school district, it is important for the community to provide much needed support in the schools. There is no greater gift than to see the smiles on the children’s faces during your volunteer time. Through these programs, we, as Rotarians, are truly touching the future.

Our committee usually only meets once a year in August to discuss the upcoming school year and any changes that should be made to the programs. Committee members are expected to also volunteer for at least one of the programs. We welcome interested Rotarians to join us as a committee member. However more importantly, we encourage all to become a volunteer for one of our programs serving youth.

Please contact committee chair Karen Hansen (email [email protected] or phone 717-229-2073) to learn more.

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This committee reviews the annual audit and yearly budget for board approval. Members also handle other miscellaneous financial matters as needed.

How often do we Meet? We meet with the auditor after receipt of their report to review the report and management advisory comments. We also meet to review and recommend the budget for the ensuing year. Depending on timing, this may require a separate meeting of the committee.

How are we doing financially? Very well! We target the club's general fund to be maintained at approximately 35% of annual expenditures. When combined with the Charitable Endowment Fund, which is a separate legal (charity) entity, the total assets governed by the club exceed $1M.

How does the cost of belonging to the Rotary Club of York, PA compare to other clubs? We have polled other clubs and find we compare very favorably to other clubs. Our dues are comparable and our meeting site is great.

Important Things to Know

Our committee stands as the steward of the assets of the Rotary Club of York. Our committees request annual funding of about 20% of the budgeted revenue for the year. Another 10% is required for annual dues paid to Rotary International and our Rotary District. The largest single line item in our expense structure is the cost of lunches for the club itself.

We encourage new members on the committee. Fresh ideas and comments keep us sharp and provide more informative data for the committee, the board, and the club itself. Our committee is a good one to be on. You get to see where the money comes from and where it goes. It might surprise some to know that we pay out $29,000 a year for district and international dues. The committees request $40,000 a year to spend on activities. With over 40 committees, that is a lot of money.

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The Career Networking Committee's role is to introduce professional people to Rotarians in order to expand the network of contacts for those seeking employment with the ultimate goal of helping them secure a job. If you know of an unemployed professional who could benefit from a Career Networking opportunity, contact Committee Chair Carolyn Schaefer ([email protected]) for information. (back to top)



This committee provides the Registrar, Cashier, and Meeting Hosts for each meeting. Members assist in collecting guest fees, makeup cards, checks and other items at weekly meetings.

  • What do we do? We register guests; provide make-up cards to visiting Rotarians; and accept payment for their meals.
  • Can I charge my guest's meal to my account? Yes. We encourage Rotarians to charge their guest's fees to their personal account. This keeps the line moving and congestion down to a minimum. It also lowers the cash in transit so as to minimize loss of cash.
  • Should I pre-register my guest? It is always helpful to call the office ahead of time to register the guests. While this takes more of the office's time, it enables the coordinator to set up name tags and it eases the processing time during the big rush of the meeting.

Important things to know:

  • We appreciate having Rotarians pre-registering their guests.
  • We also appreciate having the Rotarian escorting their guests through the registration process.
  • If you can tell the office to invoice your account when you call in, that would really streamline the process. Sometimes it is awkward to ask a guest to pay for their lunch only to have the Rotarian show up later to pay for them.

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This committee, including History, and Events sub-committees, is well under way in working on the preparation and execution of the York Rotary's 100th birthday in 2016. Bob Davis is chairing the overall direction of the Committee and in this regard has been working with Gordon Freireich in preparing the History Book (see below), and with Dave Polk who is chairing the Events sub-committee which will hold several large events during the period 2015-2106, as well as multiple smaller events to highlight the Club's history and to celebrate the 100 year marker. In the works are meetings, speakers, and social activities; and there is a thought to see a permanent structure being completed that will commemorate the York Rotary Club.

The History will focus on the origin of the clubs and then - by decade - the advancements of the Club in context with the other local and national news of the day. It will be illustrated with photos and other artwork. The objective is to have the research by the end of this year (2013). Current and past Rotarians are invited to share their memories to be included in the book. (back to top)



The mission of the York Rotary Charitable Endowment Fund (CEF) is to provide financial assistance to York County 501(c)3 organizations which support disabled, handicapped, disadvantaged, and abused children of York County, Pennsylvania. Preference will be given to organizations whose goals are in keeping with those of Rotary International.

This committee does all of its work in one calendar quarter each year, usually the first quarter. During this time we conduct fundraising within the Club; solicit and then review applications for CEF grants of up to $2,500 each. Members review and debate applications from many local nonprofit organizations and select recipients for board approval. The grants must have a direct impact to the children. They are not awarded for such items as administrative overhead or promotion of programs. Once the recipients are selected, the committee presents the awards.

Annual CEF giving has ranged from about $12,000 to $24,000. It has depended on the performance of the endowment for that year. This number would increase if more gifts were received by the CEF. The CEF annually impacts the lives of as many York children as it can, given its limited resources. The grants typically vary from $500 to $2,500, and can benefit approximately 20 different programs in a given year.

Important things to know:

  • The CEF is the one committee of the Rotary Club of York that has the maximum effect on local children every year.
  • The CEF is one of the most rewarding and educational committees in the Rotary Club of York because we get to see and help the fabulous work being done by numerous nonprofit groups in our community.
  • The CEF is one of the least understood committees of the Rotary Club of York because it functions during only one quarter of year and is easily forgotten the rest of the year.
Any Rotarian interested in joining this committee should contact Bob Cox or Bert Oberdick (back to top)



This committee supports the Club with technology related things (fillable forms, monitoring and maintaining the office IT equipment and phone system, video and presentation equipment and almost anything else that requires some IT or electronic media help) to ensure that the club is using the most up to date and effective processes available. The committee is also responsible for club web site design and maintenance. We participate in the Marketing/PR committee.

What is the committee's main focus?
The committee will continue to review and implement technology suggestions to improve the club outreach and efficiency. The committee will help train other club members in its use.

Do you have to know anything about technology, computers or websites to be a member?
No! The only requirement is to be interested in helping to provide the club and its members with effective uses of technology.
Is there a waiting list to be on this committee?
No! The committee is always in need of people who bring a fresh prospective to the effective use of technology.  If you are interested in joining, let Bert know.

What has the committee done for the club?
Implemented an 'online' roster of club members where they can obtain current information. This includes the ability to get and save a 'real-time' and 'up-to-date' roster copy whenever they choose; implemented electronic delivery of the club weekly newsletter saving several thousand dollars per year of your dues, coordinating the design and updating of the club website, monitoring club office electronics and providing video support for club meetings.

Important Things to Know
The Club Technology committee helps ensure that activities of the Rotary Club of York are accomplished in a timely, efficient, and cost effective manner through the considered use of technology.
The Club Technology committee assists the Executive Coordinator in evaluating the office equipment needs of the club and makes recommendations for purchase and replacement.
Membership on the committee does not require you to be able to "talk computer" or be able to design complicated documents.  It does require you to have an open mind and an interest in seeing that the club organization is operated using the most up to date technology that makes sense.  (back to top)

The Family of Rotary is a subcommittee of Fellowship. The Fellowship Committee runs special social events throughout the year whereas the Family of Rotary Committee send out appropriate cards to members throughout the year (Birthday, sympathy, get well, congratulations, etc). In addition to the latter, Family also invite the widow/widower of deceased Rotarians to the annual 4-H family picnic and Holiday Program. (back to top)



This committee interview local applicants for this very competitive international $25,000 scholarship program to spend an academic year abroad for post-graduate work. Members offer support and encouragement to candidates seleted by our Rotary District for consideration by Rotary International.

Do I have to have a specific major to be considered?


No, but do have to be willing to do your graduate study in a field that will "help address the humanitarian needs of the world community." Examples include health care, population issues, literacy, numeracy and aging.

Do I have to be admitted to a graduate program before applying?


No, because you have to list five universities in at least three separate countries.

Can I select the country I wish to study in?
While you indicate universities, all listed institutions will be considered equally, and you can also be assigned to a university not on your list. Important things to know

  • This program gives support for Scholars to pursue in-depth studies in another country.
  • Scholars develop life-long contacts with their peers and these contacts can influence relations between nations in a positive manner.
  • This program is a logical outgrowth of our high school exchange program and does not compete with it for funding.
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This committee identifies and encourages Global Future Vision Grants with Rotary Clubs from third world countries for international service projects that improve the daily lives of those in the third world country. First there needs to be a project that needs a grant application.  The application must be written with the help of the host club as they will be getting the bids for the project.  It is sent to District Foundation chairman for their approval; and then to Rotary International for final approval. If it is a large grant, committee members maybe involved with presentations to other clubs to encourage partnership. The committee collects funds, keeps banking records, monitors project progress and writes all the completion papers for Rotary International. 


What do Vision Grants do?
Future Vision Grants focus on clean water, education, health, food production, fetal-maternal health and sanitation.  So, a Rotarian from the York Club would need to have a contact with a Rotary Club in the country that will benefit from the Grant.  The host country is usually responsible for overseeing the project.  It is helpful to have York Rotarian go to the country that will benefit from the grant, and often this is combined with a humanitarian mission trip.

How do Vision Grants get money?
Both the international club and the host club contribute funding which may be matched by district funds [DDF].  Other clubs may be partners and also contributing funds. The Foundation of Rotary International then matches a percentage of donated by the clubs and the districts. RI also encourages Rotaries to work with non profit foundations who may contribute funding and expertise to the project..

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This committee organizes the Golf/Tennis outing each fall. It is our major fundraising event supporting the Community Project Fund. All proceeds are used to support a deserving project in the York community.

What does the committee do?

 Plans and organizes the "Love Fore Community" Golf/Tennis fundraiser.

When do we meet?

 Monthly at 07:30 AM beginning 6 months prior to the event (more frequent as we get closer to the event date).

What are the committee's goals?

  • To raise money for the benefit of children in the community
  • To involve the community in the project (not just Rotarians)
  • To provide a day of fun and good fellowship at one of the area's most beautiful venues

Important Things to Know

This is the York Rotary Club's principal fund raiser. Support of the event is open to all who wish to contribute to the cause. Serving on the committee is personally rewarding and fun. If you are interested, please call James Sanders at 717-840-4099

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This committee solicits applicants for the Rotary Group Study Exchange Program. Members interview Team Leader and Team Member applicants for Outbound exchange prior to District Interviews.

What time commitment is required?
1-2 meetings to interview any candidates for the Outbound Team and to finalize schedules for the Inbound Team. When the Inbound Team is in York, assist with being a tour guide for the day.

Can I host and Inbound Team member?
Yes! But sometimes it's competitive and participation on the GSE Committee is helpful.

Can I lead an Outbound Team?
Yes! Each year the District is told which country we will be exchanging with. The District GSE Committee will then interview Rotarians to select a Team Leader. Participation in previous exchanges is helpful; so is language skill.

Important Things to Know
Work load is generally just in the Spring. The rest of the year we don't do anything.

We are always looking for qualified candidates to be a member of an Outbound Team. Team members can't be related to a Rotarian. The team leader must be a Rotarian.

It's a great experience! You'll get to host or interact with team members from a different country. Possibly develop lifelong friendships. Maybe even visit their homes in the future!

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The Investments Committee oversees Club finds which can be invested with a longer term time horizon of 3+ years. These funds are the Student Educations Fund including various scholarship funds, the Michael S. Euculano Youth Exchange scholarship Fund, Community Service Funds and other Club funds.

We are responsible for:
Reviewing our Investment Policy Statement and guidelines
Monitoring asset allocation and rebalancing
Conducting investment and management and administration
Updating accounting and performance evaluation
Setting a spending policy
Managing additions and withdrawals

The Investment Committee meets for formal meetings and reports the Board of Directors at least twice a year.

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The committee arranges for a member to give the non-denominational prayer at the weekly club meeting (specifically we do not pray in the name of Jesus as is so common for christians. Instead we use God or Lord or some non-Christian reference to our creator).

How do you become a member of the Invocation Committee?
Members need to volunteer to do invocations.

Important things to know
The members of the Invocation Committee offer prayers that are done in a spirit of unity amongst all world religions.
The members of the Invocation Committee offer prayers that should set the spirit and tone for each meeting.
The members of the Invocation Committee are asked to offer prayers that are respectful of the diverse religions which might be represented in our Club.

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This committee reacts to immediate needs within the community. Their focus is on assistance to local non-profit organizations already serving the York community, but which need additional assistance on specific projects and events.

The committee meets 2 -4 times per year as needed. What are the main projects of the committee?

  • Holiday Angel Program - The committee chooses a local non-profit and the Rotary Club shops per the specifications given by the organization. If a Rotary member cannot shop, but donates funds, the committee does the shopping and the wrapping. Past recipients of this program include ACCESS - York, and the Salvation Army.
  • Recycled Cell Phones - The committee has collected used cell phones and given them to local non-profit organizations. The organization then refurbishes the phones and gives them to their clientele to use for emergencies. Past recipient: ACCESS - York.
  • Used eyeglasses - The committee has collected used eyeglasses for the Lioness Club.
  • York Habitat for Humanity Women Build - The committee formed a team to help with the 2006 Women Build Project and will once again be helping with the Women Build 2013 Project.
  • Dress for Success - The committee will be assisting this organization in building a Professional Women's Group in York. Dress for Success is a national organization working to help re-build their lives by suiting them for job interviews, teaching them skills for the workplace and offering mentoring and business forums.
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This committee works to increase understanding of the importance of literacy by encourage club programs that address literacy. The committee emphasis is for the benefit of children within the York City School District.

Why is literacy a concern of Rotary locally and worldwide?
Literacy empowers people and is essential for community development. Literate populations are more likely to develop economically, live healthier lives, and be more peaceful. Nearly 800 million people worldwide over the age of 15 can neither read nor write. It is estimated that over 40,000 York County residents (1 in 6) are illiterate.

What does the committee do?
Our goal is to partner with other Club Committees and established community organizations to plan and implement programs that not only raise the awareness of illiteracy and its impact on our community, but also deliver resources that will support literacy efforts among children in our York City School District.

What resources are available through rotary to support literacy programs?
Rotary International has established a Literacy Resource Group, a network of Rotarian volunteers who support and encourage Rotary Club and District participation in literacy activities worldwide. Locally, our Committee uses financial and volunteer resources to promote reading programs for children. Most of our efforts are centered around conducting event and projects in the month of March, designated as Rotary Literacy Month, and around International Literacy Day - September 8th; in addition to supporting special projects within the community.

Import Things to Know
Literacy is an important initiative of Rotary International.
Illiteracy is an important economical/social issue that impacts community. The York Rotary Club has the ability to make a positive impact in the lives of children in need in the York Community.

Rotarians interested in joining this committee should call Steve Harrison at 717-764-3246.

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Little League
The Rotary Club of York was instrumental in bringing Little League Baseball to the city of York. The committee continues to be a liaison with York City Little League to provide financial and volunteer support to York City Little League teams.

The committee represents our Club's commitment to the longevity and stability of Little League Baseball in the City. We assist, where appropriate, in meeting operating needs of the York City Little League by reviewing all requests from the league board of directors as they are formally presented to the committee, such as providing financial assistance for the purchase of a riding lawn mower to help the league keep the fields in top playing condition.

We assist with upkeep and maintenance of the playing fields and have spearheaded Rotary fellowship activities to raise additional funds for York City Little League as well as create positive public relations (PR) for the Rotary Club of York.

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Members of this committee handle the pre-meeting set up and clean- up after the weekly meetings. They put mail with badges and gather mail not picked up by members when the meeting is over. After each meeting, our members collect attendance cards from baskets and record attendance on worksheets for data entry by the Rotary Office.

Important Things to Know
We perform clerical type chores before the meetings begin, such as putting mail with members' badges, put all Handouts and Announcements on tables, and update the "Wall of Fame." After meetings we pick up flyers and signup sheets from tables. We post the attendance cards to the worksheet for data entry.

If you are interested in joining the Meeting Services Committee, please select it on your Committee Selection Form or contact the Rotary Office to be added to the Committee.

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This committee encourages club members to propose new members; reviews and recommends applicants for approval by the Board of Directors; tracks membership information and attendance; recognizes members who propose other members; and annually recognizes members with perfect attendance.

Membership criteria and the Membership Proposal form can be obtained from the website under "Forms and Documents."

Meeting make-up cards should be provided to Bert Oberdick as soon as possible during the Rotary year in order that the attendance can be accurately tracked. A list of Rotary Club locations can be obtained by following this link.

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This committee selects and introduces local high school students with outstanding talents. The students perform at a weekly meeting.

  • Most committee work is done by email and brief ad hoc meetings prior or after club meetings.
  • Does a member have to have special music abilities? No, just a willingness to contact a school to ask them to identify a student who might fit our criteria.
  • What kind of a commitment would one have to make to become a member of this committee? We have enough members that only one person would be asked to supply a student per year.
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The committee nominates the officers, Financial Vice President, and board members. Membership is restricted to past presidents. The committee also carries out other tasks requested by the Club president and board of directors.

How often do we meet?
We meet once or twice a year to review and vote on a new slate of officers and board members for the upcoming year.

Who are the members?
The committee is made up of all the Past Presidents of the Club.

Are there any other duties?
Occasionally the committee may take on a special assignment at the request of the Club President or Board of Directors.

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This committee was formed in order to lift up the importance of estate and other means of testamentary giving for the long term viability and health of the Rotary Club of York. Our mission is to do all possible to foster estate gifts from members which can be designated in any way a member may choose, but that is particularly focused on building an endowment that can aid in supporting the mission of this club in perpetuity.

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The mission of PPE is: Encourage Rotarians to live environmentally conscious lifestyles, increase the number and diversity of environmental service projects carried out by the clubs, and promote awareness of the critical environmental issues affecting our communities and the planet.

Recognizing the need to address the growing environmental crisis Rotary International launched its Preserve Planet Earth focus in 1990. This initiative underscored the commitment already evident in a wide range of Rotary Club projects. The PPE committee of the Rotary Club of York has assisted with the introductions of community recycling as mandated by the state of Pennsylvania, installed markers on every storm drain in the city of York that say "NO DUMPING DRAINS TO RIVER," reclaimed and continue to maintain a section of the York City Rail Trail which was overgrown and attracting litter and waste, done educational projects with York City schools, presented speakers to the York Rotary Club, cleaned up three illegal dumpsites, and planted over 250 trees as part of our Restore the Canopy to York project. These projects are ongoing and the committee looks to do more the the York environment

If you are interested in joining this committee, PPE meetings are from 7:30 to 8:30 AM on the second Wednesday of every month at Shadowfax, 149 S. Tremont Street, in York. Stop by to see if you think you can be of help.

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This committee has the critical task of selecting and coordinating programs for 40 - 45 Club meetings each year.

Outstanding programs are one of the keys to getting and keeping club members.

How do you select programs?
Suggestions for programs are forwarded to Bert or the committee chairman, then they are discussed by our committee which meets in May and November and we schedule those that are voted on as being most interesting and current.

Can we schedule a program about XYZ?
If you have a program on XYZ, submit the synopsis to Bert or the chairman and we will review it. We will discuss it and make a decision if it is one we would like to schedule for a meeting.

Why haven't we had a program about ABC?
Because it was never suggested, or other suggestions have received a more enthusiastic response from committee members

Important things to know
We are always looking for ideas of good programs.
We schedule programs about 4 to 6 months in advance.
We would like feedback about programs.

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RotarAct is a Rotary sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. These clubs are either community or university based. InterAct is Rotary International's service club for young people ages 12 to 18. They are sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidance, but they are self-governing and self-supporting. EarlyAct is a school-wide service club for elementary students from ages 5 to 13, sponsored by Rotary clubs and chartered by the district. This committee explores opportunities to establish Rotaract, InterAct, and EarlyAct clubs in one or more York County school districts. This committee also includes members from other Rotary clubs who want to partner with our Club to bring these initiatives to fruition in York County. New committee members are welcome to join in our efforts. Please contact Di Hershey at [email protected] or 717-771-4127 (back to top)



This committee works to obtain funds to support the Rotary Foundation mission (to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health. Committee members emphasize the importance of becoming a "Paul Harris Fellow" by donating $ 1,000 to the Rotary Foundation. They also encourage every Rotarian to contribute to the Rotary Foundation every year.

  • What is a Paul Harris Fellow? Any individual who contributes or in whose name is contributed a total of $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation.
  • What is a Paul Harris Sustaining member? Any individual who contributes at $100 per year.
  • What is the Paul Harris Society? The people who contribute $1,000 per year become members of the Paul Harris Society
  • What is a Benefactor? Any individual who has included the Rotary Foundation in their will is a Benefactor.
  • How much does our Club contribute to the Rotary Foundation? In 2012-2013, The Rotary Club of York contributed over $35,000 to The Rotary Foundation an almost $1,000 to Polio Plus. Polio Plus is a Rotary Foundation program to eradicate polio worldwide. Since the beginning of the Rotary Foundation, our club has contributed over $1 million.
  • How are our contributions spent? Every dollar we contribute this year will be allocated next year and distributed the following year. Administrative expenses are more than covered y the interest earned during that process. One half of our contributions go to The World Fund an other half is returned to our District to allocate to Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars, Peace and Conflict Resolution Scholars, District Humanitarian Grants and District Simplified Grants.
  • Important things to know. The goal of the committee is to encourage every Rotarian to Contribute to The Rotary Foundation every year (EREY - Every Rotarian Every Year). The committee members present brief messages about the various programs of The Rotary Foundation as part of the weekly meetings during The Rotary Foundation Quarter, October-December; present Paul Harris Awards, and/or contact members to make their contributions.

The Rotary Foundation Committee is always interested in new with fresh ideas on how to encourage giving to the Rotary Foundation. Please contact the Rotary club office if you are interested in joining us.

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This committee interviews local applicants for this very competitive international $25,000 scholarship program to spend an academic year abroad for post-graduate work. Members offer support and encouragement to candidates selected by our Rotary District for consideration by Rotary International.

Does an applicant have to have a specific major to be considered?


No, but one has to be willing to do the graduate study in a field that will "help address the humanitarian needs of the world's community." Examples include health care population issues, literacy and numeracy and aging.

Does one have to have been admitted to a graduate program before applying?


No, because it is necessary to list five universities in at least three separate countries.

Can one select the country he wishes to study in?


While you can indicate universities, all listed institutions will be considered equally, and you can be also be assigned to a university not on your list.

Important things to know:

  • That this program gives support for scholars to pursue in-depth studies in another country.
  • That scholars develop life-long contacts with their peers and these contacts can influence relations between nations in a positive manner.
  • That this program is a logical outgrowth of our high school exchange program and does not compete with it for funding.
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This committee selects living recipients of the "Charles S. Wolf Service above Self " award for actions in our community that reflect the Rotary motto "Service above Self"

  • Do you have to be a Rotarian to receive the award? No. In fact, we prefer that the recipient is not a Rotarian.
  • Can the recipient be employed in the field for which she/he is being honored? No. The "Service above Self" action(s) must have been performed outside of the recipient's occupation.
  • Who is Charles S. Wolf? Charlie Wolf was a former president of the Rotary Club of York and a former District Governor. His life truly represented "Service above Self."
  • Who can nominate a possible recipient? Anyone from the community. Send nominations to Michele Baker

Criteria: An individual (in extraordinary situations – individual or organization) who has:

  • Made an impact on the York Community.
  • Gone above and beyond what is expected of him/her
  • Performed an act of heroism.
  • Not received recognition for his/her actions.


  • Is not in an occupation in which such actions are part of the job description.
  • Could be a role-model for others.

Since this description fits most Rotarians, we are strongly inclined to seek non-Rotarian nominees, with rare exceptions.

The award is a keystone-shaped clock engraved with the recipient's name and usually includes a check for $100 made out to the non-profit organization of the recipient's choice.

Any York Rotarian may submit nominations. Please send nominations to committee chair Michele Baker.

Our “meetings” take place via email as we consider nominees. Committee members share in the responsibility to research, contact, and host honorees on the day an award is made. The award is an excellent way to bring service minded citizens and their guests into contact with Rotary.

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The Sergeant at Arms committee maintains decorum and assists in efficient operation of the meetings. Members handle lighting control and the sound system at meetings. Sometimes, Sergeants attend the doors to prevent interruption of opening ceremonies when appropriate; and at a few off-site meetings, will help giving directions to the attendees.

How much of my time is involved?
Each member of this committee will serve as the Sergeant at Arms for one meeting per quarter on the average. Arrive a few minutes early; do what the meeting may require; and leave at the end of the meeting with everyone else.

Where are the light switches?
A short training session acquaints every member with the responsibilities as well as the location of the equipment. A schematic drawing is provided to the Sergeant at Arms at each meeting.

Do we get to wear side arms?

Important things to know
Maintains decorum and assists in efficient operation of the meetings.
Attends the doors to prevent interruption of opening ceremonies
Assists with light and sound systems at meetings.

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On behalf of the Rotary Club, this committee has two main functions. First it selects new applicants for Whiteley Student Loans (up to $2,000 per academic year for a maximum of four years of undergraduate studies). Student loans can be renewed each year after review of grades and other criteria. The committee monitors repayment of outstanding loans and fund growth to insure a continuing source of funds for future loans. Application deadline for Whiteley Student Loans, both new applications and and loan renewals, is May 31.

They also select the recipients for a number of CURRENT AVAILABLE scholarships including the following:

  • The James B and Carrie Bush Scholarship     Application deadline March 31.
  • The Edward P Mangold Scholarship Application deadline March 31.
  • The Sandford M Kranich Scholarship Application deadline March 31.
  • The Charles W Diehl Jr. Scholarship Application deadline March 31.
  • The Arlington Kahley Rising Musician Scholarship
    Application deadline March 31.
  • The John and Paige Smith Scholarship for Agricultural Studies Application deadline is March 31.
  • The Rotary Club of York Non-Traditional Student Scholarship
    Application deadline April 30.
  • Additional Scholarship - Spring 2020 applications will be accepted for Donna E. Hayes Scholarship for Equine Studies. Application deadline to be determined.

Go to the Forms page of this website for criteria and applications.

Which high schools do we go to for applications for Scholarships and for Loans?
We send applications for scholarships and for loans to the principal and/or guidance department of every high school in York County.

What is the basis for awarding a Rotary Scholarship?
The committee will choose from applicants from graduates of York County high schools who are entering 2 or 4 year programs (depending on the scholarship). The award is based on high school achievement including class rank, grades, activities and community service. The non-traditional scholarship is for those who are re-entering academic or trade school programs following a break from high school.

What is the basis for awarding loans?
The committee can award loans for a broader range of accredited educational institutions than for scholarships. Successful applicants are chosen on the basis of high school record and likely success of the student in completing the program and paying back the loan.

Important Things to Know
The Student Education Committee meets at various times during the year as required, based on need to review student applications, renewals, etc; but principally in March, April, and May to review and interview applicants.

The Committee works at bringing helpful information to student applicants and is interested in getting our program out to more high school students in York County.

The Committee is always looking for new members who are interested in helping students finance their educations.

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A Sampling of the Best

With a focus on communities, Rotary does much to impact young people in many ways. Here in York, the York Rotary Club recognizes the talents of the youth in our community with the Annual Pride Program. It is truly a celebration of the accomplishments of outstanding students in York County.

The York Rotary Club began this tradition in 2002. It has become a favorite program, as Rotarians look forward to enjoying the results of hard work and practice demonstrated by students of all ages. Rotarians are always dazzled by the performances of these young people. It is an exhilarating experience for the entire audience each year!

This year's program features a wide range of talents, including vocal instrumental selections, plus various types of dance. Everything from classical music to broadway show tunes makes this program a spectacular show case. The date is set for October 9th at the York Little Theatre, 27 South Belmont Street in York. Mark your calendars for a good show.

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The mission of the Youth Exchange program is to create international peace and understanding by establishing international communications through an academic and cultural exchange of high school students. Worldwide, The Rotary Youth Exchange programs serves approximately 8000 students in 60 countries.

The York Rotary Club Youth Exchange committee fulfills its mission by promoting educational and cultural exchanges for high school students. Committee members recruit interested students for two international programs.

Year Long Program - students go to another country to attend high school and live host families for a school year.

Short Term Program - each student is matched with a student from another country. One student lives with the other student and his or her family for about three weeks, and the students switch roles and exchange student becomes the host student. This exchange occurs during the summer months.

Committee members mentor outbound students sent abroad and Inbound students that the Club hosts each year. Members also solicit and coordinate host families for the Inbound exchange students so that they have the best possible experience while in York.

Host Family Information. Each student has 3 host families. Family #1 hosts from mid-August to the week after Thanksgiving. Family #2 hosts from early December until mid-March (depending on the Easter holiday), and Family #3 hosts from mid-March until mid-June when the student returns to his or her home country.

The year long program costs for a student going to another country is approximately $7000 depending on the country in which the student is placed. This includes application fee, orientations for student and parents, mandatory medical insurance, business cards, spending money and anticipated in-country expenses. Some these costs are offset by the fax that you don't have the student living at home with you. It does not include the cost of a passport/visa (about $150), immunizations (about $200), or any country-specific requirements, such as language camp or their medical/liability insurance (about $500). There will be additional costs of airfare (which will vary depending on where the student goes) and for small gifts for the host families. The students will receive a small 'allowance' from their host Rotary Club.

The Short Term Exchange costs $280 for application fee and mandatory medical insurance, plus the cost of air fare to the specific country, passport/visa, and spending money.

If you are a Club Member interested in joining our YE Committee: Contact Bert. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 12 noon to 1:00 PM.

If you are a High School Student interested in being an Exchange Student: Please visit for more information and give us a call at 717-848-1370. If you are a Family interested in hosting a foreign exchange student in your home for 12 weeks: Give us a call at 717-848-1370 and we can explain help you get started.

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This committee coordinates the "Student of the Month" program from local high schools. The Club recognizes one boy and one girl from the junior class of each school for their academics and leadership. A member brings the students to a Club meeting and introduces them.

The committee financially sponsors up to 16 "Students of the Month" to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Conference in District 7390 at Messiah College in June.

The committee also sponsors on Sophomore Ambassador from up to 8 local high schools who will participate in the Central Pennsylvania Leadership Seminar of Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership.

A member of the committee presents the Rotary Service Award to a student at York Penn State and at York College.

How are Students of the Month selected?
One boy and one girl are chosen by their principal ad guidance counselor for academic achievement, extra-curricular involvement, and leadership in community.

How does a high school student get to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Conference?
Any junior who meets the academic standards set by Rotary may attend if recommended by a Rotary Club. Rotary Club of York chooses to budget funds to financially sponsor its 16 Students of the Month annually.

How often does the committee meet?
The Chairman calls one or two meeting per year. Members meet once in the end of the summer to welcome new members, review committee goals, and make school assignments. A second meeting might be called in the spring to review the process for nominating and sponsoring Rotary Students of the Month to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Conference in June.

Important things to know
Youth Leadership Committee creates a great connection with Rotary Club of York to 8 high schools/school districts in greater York.

Each committee member coordinates one school's Student of the Month."

Youth Leadership Committee is proud to also recognize a student at Penn State/York College of PA for providing leadership on the college campus. While many college students focus on attending school to work toward a future career, Rotary recognizes two students annually for their community leadership both on and off the campus.

Over the past several years, Rotary District 7390 has recognized students sponsored by Rotary Club of York to the Rotary Youth Leadership Conference as OUTSTANDING! One boy and one girl are highlighted in the closing banquet at Messiah College. Regularly one of those recognized students was sponsored by Rotary Club of York

If you are interested in joining this committee, please call John Luciani at 717-845-3227.

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