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Rotary International 2007 - 2008 President's Theme

Rotary International President's Theme

2009- -2010 Presidental theme                                    

With over a century of successful Rotary service, we are proud to be confdent of a future in which generation after generation of Rotarians will bring hope to those in need and peace to a world full of confict.  We see ourselves as part of a great Rotary tradition, as links in a chain joining our future to our past.  

If that chain is to continue, every link in it must be strong. It is our responsibility, yours and mine, to forge solid links to Rotary’s future. It is our responsibility to ensure that Rotary will be stronger next year than it is now, and even stronger the year after that.  

It is our responsibility to fulfll our promise of a polio-free world today so that Rotary can take on other great challenges tomorrow.  As Mohandas Gandhi once told us, “The future depends on what we do in the present.” If we hope to see Rotary continue through a second century, we cannot simply leave well alone.


John Kenny

President, Rotary International 2009-10

Exerpted from RI 2009 theme brochure  (Click here to see the brochure)

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