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Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships

This committee interviews local applicants for this very competitive international $25,000 scholarship program to spend an academic year abroad for post-graduate work. Members offer support and encouragement to candidates selected by our Rotary District for consideration by Rotary International.

Do I have to have a specific major to be considered?

No, but you do have to be willing to your graduate study in a field that will “help address the humanitarian needs of the worls community.” Examples include health care,population issues, literacy and numeracy and aging.

Do I have to have been admitted to a graduate program before applying?

No, because you have to list five universities in at least three separate countries.

Can I select the country I wish to study in?

While you can indicate universities, all listed institutions will be considered equally, and you can also be assigned a university not on your list.

Important things to know

  • That this program gives suppoprt for Scholars to pursue in depth studies in another country.
  • That Scholars develop life-long contacts with their peers and these contacts can influence relations between nations in a positive manner.
  • That this program is a logical outgrowth of our high school exchange program and does not compete with it for funding.

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