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Club Communications

This committee maintains and improves communication paths to club members and other interested parties.  The committee is responsible for club website design and maintenance, office computer equipment and the weekly newsletter (Announcer).

What is the committee’s main focus?

The committee has just implemented a major website upgrade – or you would not be reading this section.  The committee will continue to review all methods of communication to improve both their usefulness and ease of use.  The committee will help train other club members in the use of these communication aids.

Do you have to know anything about computers or websites to be a member?

No!  The only requirement is to be interested in insuring that people know about all the good things the club does for the community, the nation and the world.

Is there a waiting list to be on this committee?

No!  The committee is always in need of people who bring a fresh prospective to the ‘art’ of communicating effectively.

What has the committee done for the club?

Implemented an ‘online’ roster of club members where they can obtain current information.  This includes the ability to get and save a ‘real-time’and ‘up-to-date’ roster copy whenever they choose.  Implemented electronic delivery of the club weekly newsletter saving several thousand dollars per year of your dues.

Important things to know.

  • The Club Communications committee is responsible to see that members and others are informed about activities of the Rotary Club of York in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner.  This is accomplished through the considered use of electronic and print media.
  • The Club Communications committee assists the Executive Coordinator in evaluating the office equipment needs of the club and makes recommendations for purchase and replacement.
  • Membership on the committee does not require you to be able to “talk computer”.

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