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Cashier & Registration

This committee provides the Registrar for guest registration. Members assist in collecting guest fees, makeup cards, checks and other items at weekly meetings.

What do we do?

We are responsible for recordkeeping of the guests to the weekly meeting. We register them, Provide makeup cards to visiting Rotarians, and accept payment for the meal cost.

Can I charge my guest’s meal to my account?

We encourage Rotarians to charge their guest fees to their personal account. This keeps the line moving and congestion down to a minimum. This also lowers the cash in transit so as to minimize the risk of lost cash.

Should I pre-register my guest?

It’s always helpful to call the office ahead of time to register guests. While this takes more of the office’s time, it enables the coordinator to set up name tags and it eases the processing time during the big rush before the meeting.

Important things to know:

  • We appreciate having Rotarians pre-registering their guests.

  • We also appreciate having the Rotarian escorting their guest through the registration process.

  • If you can tell the office to invoice your account when you call in, that would really streamline the process. Sometimes it’s awkward to ask a guest to pay for their lunch only to have the Rotarian show up later and offer to pay for them.

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