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CEF Allocations/Grants

This committee reviews applications for Charitable Endowment Fund Grants of up to $2000 each.  Members review and debate applications from many local non profit organizations and select recipients for board approval.

What is the CEF and what does it do?

The Rotary Club of York started CEF as a result of a generous endowment granted to it .  Its purpose is to provide funding for programs that directly and positively impact the lives of children in York and York County.

What types of programs does it support?

The CEF supports programs that will enrich the lives of children of all ages.  Preference is given to those with disabilities or in poverty.  CEF grants must have a DIRECT impact.  They are not awarded for such items as administrative overhead or promotion of programs.

How much does it give away?

Annual CEF giving has ranged from about $12,000 to $24,000.  It has depended on the performance of the endowment that year, and whether any additional current gifts are received by the endowment for that year.  This number would increase if more gifts were received by the CEF.  CEF is usually not a giving priority within Rotary, due to the extensive and effective international Rotary programs.

How big are the individual grants?

The CEF annually impacts the lives of as many York children as it can, given its limited resources.  The grants typically vary from $500 to $2,500, and can benefit approximately 20 different programs in a given year.

Is it a lot of work?

No.  The committee does all of its work in one quarter each year, usually the first calendar quarter.  During this time we conduct fundraising within the Club, we solicit and then evaluate grant requests, and then vote on and make the awards.  Then we watch the other committees the rest of the year.

Important things to know

  • The CEF is the one committee of the Rotary Club of York that has the maximum impact on local children every year.

  • The CEF is one of the most rewarding and educational committees in the Rotary Club of York, because we get to see, and help, the fabulous work that numerous not-for-profit groups are doing in our community.

  • The CEF is one of the least understood committees in the Rotary Club of York because it functions only once a quarter and is easily forgotten the rest of the year.

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