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America's Promise

This committee coordinates volunteers from the club and other interested persons to fulfill the five promises of America's Promise through the Adopt-A-Class Program in York City Elementary Schools.

  • safe places for activities
  • a healthy start
  • marketable skills through education
  • caring adults (volunteering and mentoring opportunities)
  • opportunities for children and youth to give back to the community via volunteer service

These are known as the power of five and are the main components of the program.

There have been nearly 40 volunteers covering all of the first grade classes, some of the kindergarden classes and some of the second grade classes in the York City schools.

Click here for more information on the Adopt-a-class program and the Breakfast Club program.

What is America’s Promise?

America’s Promise is an initiative set up by General Colin and Alma Powell to target America’s youth.  There are 5 main promises of the program; caring adults, safe places, effective education, a healthy start, and opportunities to help others.  These are known as the power of five and are the main components of the entire program.

What do the volunteers do?

Each volunteer is responsible for at least three classroom visits per year.  The volunteers mentor the children in career options and making good lifestyle choices.  Some of the volunteers also take their classrooms on a field trip to the destination of their choice at the end of the year.

When did York Rotary get involved with the program and how many volunteers does the program have?

The York Rotary Club became involved with America’s Promise in 2004.  We currently have 36 volunteers in all of the York City School District’s elementary schools.  Our volunteers are in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade classes.

Important things to know

  • The America’s Promise program is important because it allows Rotarians to be “hands on” in our community.  There is no greater gift than to see the smiles on your children’s faces during your classroom visit.  We, as Rotarians, are truly touching the future.
  • In our local school districts, many extra curricular activities, such as art, gym, and music have been removed due to lack of funding.  The America’s Promise program gives the children something fun and unique to look forward to in their routine.
  • The America’s Promise committee is a small group, but a much needed group.  We help to oversee the program and brainstorm on how to make the program better so that it may continue to grow and touch the future.

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